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June 18, 2016

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Water My Garden
June 18, 2016. Martha's advice will save the world one day

Fun & Flirty Summer Hair Styles
June 18, 2016. Fun and easy to fix cooling hair styles for medium to long hair. Great for tropical climates

Milestones and the Changing Role of the Family Historian
June 18, 2016. Comparing the old & new ways of recording family milestones and storytelling

Family Photos and Personal Identity
June 11, 2016. Reflections after reading a young girls experience finding old family photos. Family memories and questions about her lineage and history intrigue her.

Veggie Mix Drink at Blue Pumpkin Coffee Cafe:
May 17, 2016. A tourist review of a visit to Blue Pumpkin Cafe. Includes a street view clip of Siem Reap Cambodia.

Bears, Monkeys, & Squirrels - Oh My!
May 18, 2016. Observations on forests over my lifetime. Tourists seeing animals.

Kitkat, Khmer Dog Extradinaire
Now at 7 weeks, nearing readiness for his adoptive loving forever home. May 24, 2016

Foodie Review: Flavors of India
Just off Sok San road, Flavors of India offers a wide selection of dishes with excellent service.

Annoucning Mobile Responsive Ad Space
June, 3, 2016 - Purchase ad space on one of our mobile responsive websites or daily E-Zine, Pixie Pratter for as litte as $5.

Google #LocalGuides Meet Up
June 04, 2016 - Annoucing Photo Tour event to be held on June 18, 2016. 4:00 - 6:00 pm

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