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Lovely Evening, a Riverwalk & Indian Cuisine

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Night Riverwalk & Indian Cuisine, a Traveling Foodie Review
Siem Reap Cambodia

Brightly lit and festive - the Riverwalk just after sunset is not to be missed on your trip to Siem Reap. Spanning from the Royal Gardens south to Old Market, the bridges and waterways between are decorated in a melody of styles.

Further north near the Royal Gardens, is a better walk for late afternoon. There are statues scattered about on either side of the river. You'll need to be on the wide bricked paths to pass them. Most are in need of maintenance and replaced night lighting. It's still evident through landscaping that care is given to these locations within the range of economic expression allowed. However, due to the missing or broken lighting that would spotlight the statues, late afternoon remains the best time to explore the area.

Further south along the river is still an enjoyable afternoon with various things to see. Yet at night, the area vibrantly 'comes to life' with music, lights, and merry making. The shops in the Old Market close up a couple of hours after dark, so if you plan to pick up a silk scarf or heavily scented wooden Buddhist beads, then you'd best step to it.

Headed across the southern end of Old Market towards Sok San, you'll find Flavors of India nearby. I stopped by several times while I was hosteled nearby. Their Aloo Gobhi, I cannot praise enough. The chef will adjust the spiciness to your taste. The wait staff speak excellent English. And, the refreshing atmosphere is enhanced by the air-conditioning. The staff will pour you a glass of clean drinking water without you asking. So few places in Siem Reap observe this most basic table etiquette in service. I've arrived in the middle of a drought, so perhaps this is to conserve water. In any case, Flavors of India still observes the finer dining nuances of waiting tables. If you'd like bottled water, you should request it.

I ordered a cucumber yogurt salad, the name of which I've forgotten. It was tart with a zang from the strong yogurt. It was a light and refreshing compliment to the very spicy Aloo Gobhi. The cauliflower was crunchy adding a chewable texture to the tenderness of the potatoes. The spices were seeped deep into the potato chunks, indicating a well prepared dish. The potato bits mashed easily, making the steamed cauliflower standout for a full bodied mouthful. Served with a side of garlic nan it was more than I could eat in one sitting. The leftovers made for a great brunch the next day.
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Relaxing after my meal with a cup of superb tea, the staff didn't seem rushed to send me on my way after I had settled my bill of less than $10. Sipping my tea and letting my tummy settle, the vibe was very cordial and warm. The wifi is excellent and I was able to keep all my FB fans apprised in real-time of my dining delights.

The tea perked me up from my long day of sightseeing – enough to get my feet moving again toward my guesthouse. Another fantastic day in SE Asian paradise of Siem Reap. See my review on TripAdvisor

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