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It's getting HOT – and hotter days means it's time to get creative with cooling summer dos for those luscious locks. In the winter, we're warned to wear our hats in cold weather – as up to 50% of our body heat is lost through our unprotected heads. But what does that mean for summer time highs? For me – it means a daily battle not to get a Halle Berry "catwoman" buzz cut as I swelter under the SE Asian heat.

Kalyn Nicholson has a fun perky YouTube channel with a great under 5-minute tutorial on 4 fantastic heat-free sweat resistant hairstyles. And she likes dogs. Her hair tutorial is above and her personal channel intro is below.

Personally, I like the feel of having my hair tightly braided in cornrows – like Bo Derek on "10". Maybe you'll have to Google that in classic movies – but pasty white girl or no – it takes the most heat off your head in the summer. Having nearly half your scalp exposed due to the many small tight braids, means there's a lovely airstream of airflow over my head – keeping – I believe – a full 5 degrees cooler than the average girl. While my scientific documentation might be a little shakey, I'm pretty sure the only way I can get a cooler do is to finally get that buzz cut I've wanted since high school. There's always marine blue to hue my platinum locks for a mermaids' revue.

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