Khmer Dog Extraordinaire: KitKat, available for adoption

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Pet Adoption OverSeas: KiKat Khmer Dog Extraordinaire
Siem Reap Cambodia

KitKat is an adorable Khmer puppy available for adoption. He was rescued at about 4 weeks and is currently about 7 weeks old. KitKat is at that perfect age for finding his loving forever home. He up to date on all his vaccinations for his age & has been treated for fleas & ticks. He is a very healthy little fella. And friendly! You can see by the video that he gets along well with other friendly dogs.

Angkor Pets Homestay & Minding Service - Siem Reap is a wonderful pet center. Kitkat was first brought to the center, and with quick action, a foster home was found within 24 hours. With 3 weeks of socialization, KitKat is ready to be "potty trained" to your specific lifestyle needs. He is learning simple commands and enjoys being vocal, almost as if he's trying to speak to us. A rare find, and a loyal friend waiting to give you furry love & hugs. $24 covers his adoption fees & vet care to date. He is worldwide ready to travel or for local adoption. Inquiries welcome on the Cambodian Pet Network Facebook Page. Adopt KitKat

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Cambodia Pets Network: Lost & Found Pet Registry

If you're in need of quality pet care while you are on vacation or for a simple break while you are ill, Angkor Pets Homestay & Minding Service of Siem Reap is your go to solution. Easily found by tuk tuk & on Google Maps for Angkor Pets Homestay & Minding Service of Siem Reap..

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