Dry Conditions and watering Lush Gardens

Keeping a Lush Garden in Dry Seasons

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Tell us how to lush up our lawns on drips a day

Martha knows her stuff. She's been through a lot and she's still as resilient as ever. This year has been especially hot & dry for most growth zones. Keeping our gardens well irrigated with resourceful use of water supplies is going to be the foundation upon which our children rebuild the food chain.

Gene Giacomelli on Martha Stewart: Showing us some Simplified Hydroponics for Urban Farming. By creative adaptation, these ideas can be applied to any number of urban garden arrangements. Wall arrangements, hanging gardens or grasping vines emerging from containers along trellises – shading and scenting a private nook for contemplation. Contact him directly giacomel@ag.arizona.edu

As nutrition and food labeling become mainstays in the areas where consumers are unforgetting and growing concerned as the cost of clean toxin free food rise. Processed foods lose much in nutritional value, often malnourishing while placing consumers in biological imbalance – with the scales tipped toward a myriad of diseases the AMA & Insurance Club as prepared decades ago – it's tough to eat right – even with a seemingly bountiful grocery at one's shopping convenience.

Martha with her endless DYI and instrucables, might just be the matron upon which our children learn to feed & fend for themselves. They certainly will have the tech skills to access the videos & apps. Now, if only application to soil occurs, our species might continue.

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