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Blog: Blue Pumpking, to Do or not DO? a review
Siem Reap Cambodia

Ever daydream about sitting at a sidewalk cafe in some exotic location, just sitting there sipping your tea & watching the people go by? Well, here's a 10 second clip of what that would be like from the air conditioned comfort of the Blue Pumpkin. The street view from the Siem Reap location in Cambodia.

Veggie Mix Drink at Blue Pumpkin Siem Reap Cambodia Tourist Review

I had the pleasure of enjoying such a view while I sipped on a "veggie mix" health drink. It had a lot of zing from the ginger, but the carrot sweetened and softened the sharpness. Overall a refreshing drink I'd look forward to trying again.

The place was well airconditioned. There were nice lounge areas along the far wall. The bathroom was tidy & smelled fresh. Staff were smiling and very friendly if a little shy. The menu is also in English which is nice. The glass case of ice creams look so tempting on hot Cambodian days. A perfect place to repose after at day at Angkor Wat or shopping in Old Market.

Click here to see this video on YouTube

If you'd like to visit the Blue Pumpkin while you're in Siem Reap here's a handy map! You can also check out my review as a Google Guide on Google Maps for Blue Pumpkin Cafe.

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