Google #LocalGuides Meet Up Siem Reap Cambodia June 18, 2016

Google Local Guides Meet Up, Siem Reap Cambodia, June 18, 2016

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Photo Tour meet up of Google's Local Guides in
Siem Reap Cambodia

Silhouette of Photographers

The River Walk in Siem Reap is probably one of the most photographed areas outside of Angkor Wat. Let's take the photo tour challenge of capturing the hidden beauty of the Riverwalk.

4:00pm Google #LocalGuides meet up at Snow Yogurt. After some ice breakers to set the ambience, we'll head south along the river- eyes and lens seeking new views. Making our way slowing south, we'll end the tour about 6:00pm at the southern turn around.

From 6:00pm, we'll dine at the group's choice of eateries in Old Market. We'll toast to new friends and share photos with a few more games for laughs.

Here's a short clip of the Siem Reap river walk at night. This was taken this past Khmer New Year, April, 2016. A cooler, late afternoon photo tour is a great way to discover the beauty of Siem Reap's water jewel. Be sure to wear sunscreen & insect repellant and bring some water to sip. FREE to join the tour, dining at 7:00 will be your discretion Any questions, just ask!

The first through the final steps are up to you. I can only walk beside you and befriend you.

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